Amazing Car Wash - For Kids Pe

Amazing Car Wash - For Kids Pe

Amazing Car Wash - For Kids Pe

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In this role play game you can become a Car Wash specialist and you have to get a lot of dirty cars clean again.
Will you get the job done?

What parents should know: The Amazing Car Wash app is 100% safe to play without any ads or push-notifications!
Download "Amazing Car Wash" now and see for yourself!

The creative role play vehicles washing game is created for boys and girls aged 2 to 9 years.

What makes Amazing Car Wash for kids unique?
It's a washing bath game for kids where you can use unique cleaning, shower, sponge and bathing tools with cross functionality to clean dirty cars and vehicles in a lot of creative ways!
And if cleaning and washing cars is not enough the game also has unique Special Actions to make your cars dirty!

Some of the unique features:
+ 100% safe game for kids!
+ No Advertising and no push-notifications!
+ Free content!
+ Cleaning action tools can be used all the time!
+ Amazing unique McPeppergames graphics, animations, music and sound effects!
+ A lot of cool car vehicles wash actions and special dirt actions!
+ Multiple cleaning functionality for actions!
+ Blend out your Tools and action bar to only see your car on the screen!
+ A lot of cool cars and vehicles to wash!
+ Contains "Things not from this world!" ;)

The high quality graphics, music, sound and animations are all created to give kids a great time while playing.

The cars include a lot of transport vehicles, like normal cars, trucks, a firetruck, a police car (which will change it's appearance for the countries United States and Germany, a tractor, a garbage truck, a working vehicle, a jungle jeep, a racing car and more. (Pssst.... the game also includes an alien ship UFO which also needs to be cleaned with water and soap effects!)

The special actions in the bathing children game are very unique. They can be used after collecting enough stars with washing cars to make cars dirty. The cool action buttons in the levels include a flying dragon spreading fire when touched, an aquarium effect showing swimming fish, an oil shower with liquid particle physics effects, balloons to pop and splash effects and confetti sticking on the car and vehicles.

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